Monday, October 1, 2012

5 minutes or less

I’m trying something new!!

I’ve decided to give myself only 5 short minutes to update you as much as possible about the past few weeks.

I am still battling what I think is an awful flu. Awful in the sense that it comes and goes and doesn’t affecting me all at once. I thought I had kicked its sorry flu butt after resting two weekends ago and drinking my fair share of Theraflu and staying in bed with my heat pad(more like a heat blanket) but boy was I wrong. I took all of last weekend with the exception of church and Sunday –schooling, to take care of Erick, who for the first time in ages was actually sick himself. Then Sunday night, I thought I was dying again and the attack of the flu started again with the beginning of 5 days of a severe sore throat, loss of voice and fever. This flu bug is affecting everyone I work with but I am proud to say that it did not start with me; I did not bring the flu bug to work!

The only positive thing about being sick is awesome soups and of course the boyfriend taking care of me and going to buy me ice cream in the middle of the afternoonJ

Ill be posting my pumpkin soup tomorrow. I have sort gone crazy with pumpkin this past weekend. You see, October is my favorite month. I love everything fall; the leaves falling(doesn’t happen in Miami but a girl can dream) the slight change in temperature, Oktoberfest beer, pumpkin spice latte’s, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin patches. It’s the most romantical time of the year and no one can judge me for wearing scarfs anymore. Simply perfect.

5 minutes are up!

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