Tuesday, September 25, 2012

under the weather

Hi everyone!

Sorry for being MIA lately! I have been fighting a cold.flu.sorethroat for a while and its taken a bigger toll on me than I ever expected.

Im currently living off an amazing pumpkin soup I've been making on the weekends(recipe shorlty to follow), tylenol cold & flu and theraflu at night. Work, school and life have been kicking my butt and to top it off, Erick who never gets sick was sick all last week.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The not-so-grammar queen

While catching up on blog reading during my lunch break, I found a quirky post on grammar and the do's and dont's that relate to it.

Here are a few things I've learned over the past 4 years:

  1.  Loose and lose are not the same thing. Not even close.
  2. Funner and funnest are real words! Not just because I am typing them, but because they fit the rule of a 3 letter word that can be added the er or the est at the end of it.
  3. Literally. Most things aren't actually literally true. "I was literally dying with laughter." Probably not

The blog led to an article titled 20 Common Grammar Mistaken. This article has found a place close to my heart. People seem to forget that in order to communicate, and properly at that, you need to either; verbally speak, sign(asl) or write, and a simple comma can make a world of a difference. I never really paid close attention to grammar until my junior and senior year in college. I decided on being an English major and what I wrote had to make sense. I had the hardest time figuring out where comma's were supposed to go, so I placed them everywhere and had Erick take out the ones that weren't necessary. Still haven't mastered it but getting close!
best part of the article you ask?

It reminded me of the show, The Big Bang Theory.

i.e.  Nauseous
Undoubtedly the most common mistake I encounter. Contrary to almost ubiquitous misuse, to be “nauseous” doesn’t mean you’ve been sickened: it actually means you possess the ability to produce nausea in others. e.g., That week-old hot dog is nauseous. When you find yourself disgusted or made ill by a nauseating agent, you are actually “nauseated.” e.g., I was nauseated after falling into that dumpster behind the Planned Parenthood. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dont squat with your spurs on!

Growing up in my household meant asking a lot of questions. I was talker since a young age (still am!). No one could keep me quite for long unless there was food involved or a great story being told- which of course led to more questions being asked!
 Per my mother’s story telling abilities of my grandfather’s life, country living has been a part of me since before I was born. His family owned a lot of land with more cows and horses than you can ever imagine! They lived on a farm in some small town that doesn’t even appear in some old maps and means flower of the mountain in some native tongue. Thus, my love affair with cowboy boots began!