Friday, August 10, 2012

The late weekender

Before the new weekend comes around I felt that it was only appropriate for me to share last weekend’s adventures. After all you would read chapter 2 of a novel without reading chapter 1!  Last weekend was full of birthday fun, not so spontaneous date night, a beagle.
On Friday, my friend Cristina invited Erick and I join her as her family celebrated her mother’s 52nd birthday. I don’t think she reads my blog, so it’s okay if I was honest about her age. They invited family and friends over for a small family style barbecue in order to celebrate. I was beyond excited to attend. I had not seen Cristina in almost 2 months and dreamt of the corn cake/bread that her father makes. Throughout of 10+ years of friendship, I have begged and begged her dad to give me the recipe to his famous corn cake/bread which in Spanish is called ‘torta de jojoto’ or cake made out of corn. It wasn’t until I was about to move for college that I was able to acquire the recipe. I’ll post the recipe at a later date J

Cristina and me

Cristina and Erick

the 3 of us!

the small cake next to the white cheese is the infamous 'torta de jojoto' :)

With all the talk about Miami Spice and August being the second best month after the month of October, I couldn’t wait until Saturday afternoon to try out one of the 16 places I had staked out. Erick and I had narrowed it down to two places, Crave or Cibo Wine Bar. I called both restaurants and Cibo won! They had the latest lunch availability or so I thought. According to the young woman who I spoke to on Friday, the restaurant was open for lunch until 4pm, however, this was not the case on Saturday. Erick made me double check the time when we were already on our way to the restaurant and we actually missed lunch, which ended at 2!

Disappointed but still very hungry, we made it to Taco Rico. Erick had been staking out this restaurant for some while and since we didn’t have anywhere to go after being let down by Cibo, it seemed like a great opportunity to still try a new restaurant. Our favorite Mexican restaurant is Guadalajara by my house and we are head over heels in love with everything they make. Taco Rico surprised us! They had great chimichangas but their suisa sauce was anything but memorable. But I will definitely be back!

Everyone meet Wendy Lou! The newest additional to our clan. Well, until the first week of September at least. My fake aunt (all of my mom’s friends are considered my aunts since my mom is an only child) moved to a new apartment and can’t take Wendy Lou with her. So we are doggy sitting!

Wendy likes to play with Horacio Andrew and fight for the most amount of attention. She is normally a very quiet dog and doesn’t play around but how things change when she comes to visit! She now plays fetch and runs alongside Horacio Andrew as they scare the baby frogs away. She likes to steal his food when he didn’t looking and hates cameras!

she is trying to run away from me!

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