Friday, August 3, 2012


Although my favorite month is the month of October, August does a pretty great job at being the number 2 favorite month.  After all, it’s the end of the summer, school starts again, the hurricanes start to leave Miami alone and if you live in Miami, you get to participate in Miami Spice. 

The year has been passing us by so quickly that I actually forgot that Miami Spice was in August until Erick mentioned it yesterday. Miami Spice is a mouth-watering restaurant promotion showcasing the very best of Miami cuisine I was so excited that I couldn’t help myself and went through the entire list of restaurants and picked my top 16 restaurants.  We might go really really broke if we visit all those places but a girl has the right to hope!  

My Top 16 Restaurants to Go Broke At
Peacock Garden Cake
Mercadito in midtown
Jaguar Ceviche Spoor bar
Amalfi On the Beach
Café Sambal
Armillary Grill
Angelique Euro Café
Cibo Wine Bar
De Luca Food and Wine
Seasons 52

Throughout the years, I realized a few things in regards to Miami Spice. If you plan on going to just one or two restaurants then you don’t have to worry about it. However, if you really like food(that’s me) and don’t happen to have loads of money to spend( that’s me too) and are really excited about going to 16 different restaurants(that’s me again) then pay attention to the following!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The amount of exclamation points at the end of the previous sentence is very crucial for excitement levels in my mind.

  1.  Pick restaurants you normally don’t go to or can’t afford to. This gives you a great date idea and you get to feel all fancy going
  2. DON’T GO FOR DINNER! If you pay close attention to the website menus, you’ll realize that the dinner and lunch menus are very similar. The dinner might have one more entrée option or an appetizer but that really won’t make or break your meal, unless you are picky, then by all means, go to dinner.  Lunch is way cheaper and you get the same meal. If you go to the fine dining options its only $19 per person for a three course meal( $44 for two people) while dinner is $33 per person ( $76 for two people) that’s a $43 difference and it does add up
  3. Go for the late lunch. Most places have lunch from 11-2 or even 3pm. If you aren’t a big lunch person, make reservations for the last lunch of the day. That way, if you have a 2:30 reservation by the time you finish lunch, it will be closer to 4pm. With a late lunch,  you can skip dinner and just have drinks instead!
  4. Make a day out of it! With some many restaurants available, pick a location that isn’t close to you. You get to drive a little further but new adventures await you. A place by the beach means you can take your bathing suit and sun block along for the ride.

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