Thursday, August 2, 2012

Killng me

Final exams are killing me.

They have even started to affect my sleeping patterns…even after I take them!

On Monday, I took the strangest exam to date. To be honest, I am still in shock and going through the five(or is it 7) stages of mourning. I have officially started to mourn my A in that class. I was so close to it that I could almost grasp it and then on Monday, I took the final. It took everything in me not to cry in the classroom.

It was an open book-open notes type of exam. Which, by no means what so ever is actually easier.  We were to complete a whopping 150 questions(25 pages of questions) in 2 hours. As I sat there, flipping through the pages of the exam, I had horrible flashbacks to high school and AP/IB exams. Isn’t it evil how our brains work? At the moment you sit down to take an exam, all previous knowledge just falls out.

After the slowest two hours of testing in my life I had finished the first 50 questions and I just realized that I skipped page 10. No bueno! No bueno at all!!!! Since I was not alone on that boat and the teacher realized he made a huge mistake in the length of the test and the time allotted, he let us take it home. I spent a few more hours at school working on it and then headed home.

I don’t know if this happens to most of you but when I am worried or nervous about something, my body and mind don’t let me forget about it. I tossed and turned the whole night, woke up twice in fear that I over slept and woke up before my alarm clock rang. Pretty much a sucky night’s sleep.

I was relieved to turn in the exam and even looked forward to getting a good night’s rest. Unfortunately, life had other plans for me! The mourning process began, I was so nervous and anxious about receiving a bad grade that I upset my stomach to the point that even watching TV made me nauseated. Funny side note- I learned the difference between the word nauseated and nausea's from the TV show The Big Bang Theory. Bazinga!!!!!!

Here’s hoping that Wednesday night treats this gal better.  

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