Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricane days

When I was younger, I always wished I lived in a place where kids could have snow days. The idea of having the sporadic day off to play in the snow or stay inside with chocolate and marshmallows felt like a dream. Unfortunately, the probability of  snow days occurring in South Florida are very, very low.

Weather down here is pretty much the same all year around. Instead of having the typical seasons the rest of country experiences; fall, winter, spring and summer, South Floridians embrace summer. If you want to get down to the real specifics, our summer(year) consists of  the wet season and the dry season. Wet season is also known as hurricane season and the rest of the year is dry( as in, it doesn't rain every day but is incredibly humid and sometimes hard to breath).

Thus, snow days turn into hurricane days down here, with a few minor changes.

  1. There is no playing outside while a hurricane is in action. Palm trees hitting you in the face does not sound like a smart idea in retrospect.
  2. when a hurricane comes or is threatening to come to south Florida, it is a given fact that people will lose all ability to drive properly( for a state where it rains all the time, people will never learn to drive well)
  3. even if its a tropical storm, the weather men/women will make it seem as if the world is ending outside.
  4. number 3 leads to all grocery stores and gas stations being depleted of all products 2-6 days before the hurricane hits land, that's if it even hits land
  5. Floridians will complain about the hurricane no matter what the outcome. The hurricane hits= people complain. The hurricane misses= people complain 
  6. hurricane parties will occur so stock up :)

Hurricane/tropical storm Issac visited south Florida this past weekend.

picture courtesy of a friend who actually took a picture during the storm
Erick has a leak on(or is it in) his roof and spent the vast majority of the weekend with me at my parents house. The never ending rain, wind and thunder/lighting welcomed movie marathons and ample time to catch up on my favorite television series. E was grateful for the extra day to read for school and I was grateful for my warm bed that never let me get up. After all whats a good rain day without napping in bed all day long and cookies( cookies appeared in the form of cereal)

Funny Hurricane Picture!

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