Friday, August 17, 2012

Grades and School

Woohoo grades came out today and I actually did a whole lot better than I expected.

I have this horrible, terrible, really awful habit of worrying myself about school and especially grades to the point of illness. I'm pretty sure that all the stress from finals and work during the last two weeks manifested itself into gastritis and my stomach does not appreciate it at all. unfortunately, due to my stress levels my coffee habit had to take the back burner this week. I limited myself to a tall cup of coffee twice this week only.

When I saw this imagine online I couldn't help but laugh.

On the plus side, Erick finished his first week of law school! So far, its a lot of homework, reading and hours in class. He actually let me take a picture of his going to his first class on the first day. You can tell he wasn't thrilled but, he cant blame me for trying to capture the memory!

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