Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cross two of the list! Part 2

Saturday night’s experience was amazing compared to Sunday’s lunch.

My parents frequently mention that I don’t spend enough time with them especially compared to the amount of time my brother spends with my dad. So when Sunday’s lunch came around, it seemed only logical to make plans with my parents since my brother was out of town.

I was told we were going to go to a local burger joint in our neighborhood for a no fuss meal with the potential of a movie afterward. This did not happen! Instead, we found our way to the Village of Merrick Park- an upscale shopping, dining and entertainment location. There we decided to have lunch at a restaurant called Crave.

My dad will tell you that this is when we should have known that our experience would have been anything but atrocious since there might have been only two people sitting at outside section of the restaurant.  An empty restaurant is always a bad sign, especially at an upscale location like Merrick Park.

When we finally were seated inside, we received one bad experience after another. It took our waiter 25 minutes just to take our drink order. After they brought us water, he forgot about us again. It wasn’t until he was flirting with two young women at a table relatively close to us, that I was forced to call his attention in order to place our order. It took us roughly thirty minutes to receive our appetizers. By this moment, we were extremely hungry and the restaurant does not offer bread to snack on as you wait for 55 minutes since being seated to get something to eat. Our appetizers were brought to the table at different moments, forcing everyone to wait until everyone had their food. What was surprising was that my mom and dad both ordered the same appetizers and it didn’t arrive together? My garden salad was anything but memorable, overdressed (even the plate had dressing on it) and under ingredients.

For a restaurant that made us wait almost an hour for food, I was surprised that we weren’t even done with our appetizers when the main course arrived. This time, everyone got their food at the same time, except the server couldn’t remember who got what and when we reminded him he still gave us the wrong plates. It was very strange. The portions were what we expected, and the food was good. The burger was very juicy and seasoned well. My mother ordered the apple, brie and chicken flat bread and it too was seasoned well and tasty.

The desserts also called mini indulgences were very, extremely disappointing. They tasted nothing like they were supposed to. The tiramisu was the best to say the least and it tasted like cacao powder. The strawberry shortcake was all whipped cream and the blueberry cheesecake was the worst dessert I have ever tasted in my life and that’s a statement!

If I had to grade the restaurant I don’t think an F would do it justice so a letter grade of a Z should do the trick! The service was dreadful; the waiter didn’t realize we were clients. The food was subpar. The location was nice; however, the bathroom (which the restaurant had a massive bathroom sign with an arrow pointing in its direction, so that you never miss it, even visually impaired people could see it) was right next to the kitchen. It was a logistic mess. You could see the waiters coming in and out of the kitchen, I even saw a sushi chef give another sushi chef a massage behind the sushi bar/area. It was an open concept restaurant so you could see the line cooks and the waiters picking up food. The acoustics of the restaurant were also ghastly. It was as if you were invited to overhear everyone’s conversations.

I was one very unhappy customer and would definitely never go back! I normally would take pictures of the entire meal to share with you guys but in this case, I didn’t see the need.

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