Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A shower full of scarfs

Have you ever heard of a scarf shower?

I only learned about this special event yesterday morning when I received an invitation to attend one next week. Of course, not having a clue what a scarf party/shower entailed beside the snap bits of information the invitation provide, I turned to my trusty friend Google for more info. Google actually let me down since it was harder to find information about this topic than I thought. After a few failed attempts, I located some information via discussion board which installed feelings of fear and uncertainty for the event.
A scarf party or hat party that is hosted for a special friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. One of my sorority sisters was recently diagnosed with lymphoma and will be starting her first of many chemo therapy treatments tomorrow.  As she embarks in this daunting journey, our alumnae chapter has gotten together to send her letters of support and affection and decorative scarfs. She is an incredibly beautiful and strong woman and I know she will be able to kick lymphoma’s butt.
I found some great tips when buying a scarf for a scarf party:
·  Cotton is best and the most comfy

·  Try to stay away from anything with scratchy sparkles/decorations

·  Silk scarves are pretty, but not practical (hard to tie)

·  Always keep in mind the person’s interests and quirks

·  Can't find a scarf? Send a fun hat or anything to show your support

So now I am on the hunt for the perfect scarf for a great friend. Pinterest addiction thank you for your support in the scarf hunt!

a great way to score decorative scarfs

This J. Crew scarf is lovely

girly yet suitable for everyday use

I love how even a scarf can be a room statement piece

an easy craft to store away your scarfs in the closet 

how cute is this scarf tying style

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