Thursday, July 19, 2012

The little man in my life

On October 17Th 2009 the most charismatic, genuine, quirky, adorable little man joined my life. I have always been pro adoption and I couldn’t have imagined Horacio Andrew joining our lives any other way. Horacio was an unexpected gift but one I don’t think my family could live without now.  

You see, Horacio was gifted to me by my sorority big sister for my initiation gift. She had rescued him on his last week at the animal shelter and knew that he would fit in perfectly with me and Erick. Erick ended up being allergic to him and took almost a whole year of interaction before he was able to be around him comfortably. Now and then the allergies come back but it’s too late since Horacio already won him over.
Horacio's first night at our apartment!

Horacio was an abused dog and for the first few weeks, there was very limited interaction with anyone. He would find random tables to lay underneath and wouldn’t be bothered for hours at end. The vet informed our family that that type of behavior was normal for an adopted/abused animal and that with time and patience’s it would get better. My brother Luis would sit beside Horacio and is the one that taught him how to bark and rough play.

Almost three years later and that scared dog is the center of our home. He has more personality than all 5 of us put together and demands more attention than most. He gets mad at you when you are sad, will harass you until you pay attention to him, and will even bring you a bag to go for a walk or his bowl when he would like water. He likes his grapes cut in half and loves Cuban pastelitos. At Luis’s 17 birthday party he got on top of the desert table and ate all the coconut pastelitos and left all the guava and cheese ones. I guess the dog knows what he likes. And if you tell him go to bed he walks to my parent’s room and would lay down on his doggy bed.

my mothers favorite picture! Horacio and 2 of our turtles :)

playing shy, June 2010

His first Christmas, he slept under the tree without breaking any decorations

wearing his Sunday best for New Years 2011

Horacio and I, Halloween 2011

On Tuesday night as  I was getting ready to go out for a run, I realized that Horacio wasn’t satisfied with the length of his previous walk and was in dire need for some extra physical activity, so I decided to give running with Horacio another shot. When we tried it before, the poor dog was bored with my slow pace and would want to stop every two seconds. Although it was difficult the first time around, I felt confident since a few weeks back I had read a few articles on running with your dog.

It wasn’t until the start of mile 2 that Horacio realized we weren’t going on a walk and that he didn’t need to stop at every other house to mark his territory. For being a very small dog, he sure does have a large bladder. I finished the two miles at a much slower pace than I expected but I’m pretty sure that my MapMyRun application is a little wanky since it tells me different lengths all the time. I know for a fact my neighborhood is only a mile in length but often it tells me I’ve completed a mile at the 1.5 mile marker others at the .90 mile marker. Pretty crazy stuff! At least Horacio had fun J

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