Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rain Puddles

Miami weather is so fickle. Never trust a weather man in Miami. They say that we will have a lovely day with great weather and then half way through your work day it turns out we have a monsoon being formed outside for our windows. It's so dark right out that I am afraid to walk to the vending machine outside of my building to go get a diet coke.

A few weeks back, on a pay day Friday afternoon, five minutes before we left work the weather made a turn for the worst and the perfectly sunny day turned into the perfect storm. I refuse to turn my pretty flats into pretty wet and ugly shoes, so I did the unthinkable and made a run of the garage barefoot with Stephanie.

I normally park in the further garage because of those days that I feel extra lazy, the walk does me good and gives me some time to relax before my long drive home. Unfortunately, with all that rain, there was no way I could make it in one piece to my car. The moral of the story: I am in a dire need of rain boots and should always remember to not lend out my umbrella to people who are witty enough to look outside of the window.
Btw I'll let you in on a big secret down here in Florida that a lot of people don't know unless you are a native. Summers in Miami= wet season. I always thought that people who come to vacation in south Florida during the summer months are crazy, it's hot and humid one moment and then you are getting rained on the next. It's crazy weather but at least they make tiny umbrellas for purses and you can always catch up on your favorite TV show series instead of going in the rain.
Since its still raining today, rain-boots were purchased and i am currently wearing them. I didn't was full fledged rain boots that go almost reach my knees, I found a pair that go half way to my calf. They are navy blue and have a zipper in the back that is PINK, which obviously meant that I had to purchase them due to my mild obsession.

Don't you just love the box and and the very stylish green carpet at my job? I showed Erick the boots and he said I looked like a boy, then a random student walked by and told me I looked like a construction worker. I'm not quite sure what to think about the construction worker or the boy comment but I think they look lovely.
What do you guys think?

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