Friday, July 6, 2012

Miss Florida USA 2013

My little sister is competing in the Miss Florida USA 2013 pageant next week!

I’m beyond excited and proud of her. Lelany and I first met on the last day of recruitment in 2010. She was a late addition to the roster and I wasn’t even supposed to recruit that night. In the spur of the moment and it led to the more wonderful relationship I nurtured throughout my collegiate years. We spoke about everything and realized that we were very similar.

After that night, I was obsessed with her and knew that she had to be my little sister. When the time came to create the list of potential little’s we wanted, I only placed her name on the list. I didn’t think it would be possible to have that type of relationship with anyone else and if she didn’t feel the same way towards me, I didn’t want to take the opportunity for her to foster a close relationship with another girl. But don’t worry folks, she only placed my name too J

Lelany is the sweetest most random and innocent   person you’ll ever meet. She like me is also very extremely clumsy and trusting. Sometimes it’s a plus other times it sucks. We have both broken our tailbones more than once, busted our chins falling down the stairs, both dated a boy named Erick (although I am still currently dating mineJ) and the list goes on and on.

This year, Lelany wanted to try something new in order to get out of her comfort zone and when she heard that FIU has a beauty pageant which can lead to Miss Florida, she was automatically driven to it. You see, Lelany really wants to be a public figure, maybe working for a news station or helping out the community by bringing problems to the surface. She didn’t win Miss FIU but it was just the motivation she needed. A few months later, a lot of hard work and a drop dead gorgeous red dress and Lelany was crowned Miss Miami Beach 2012. She is now currently busting her butt for the Miss Florida USA 2013 competition that will be held on July 10-14th.
No matter what the results are of Miss Florida USA 2013 are, I know that Lelany is a winner in my heart and the best little sister any sorority girl could ask for. She is a role model for the women in my sorority and for the women at FIU. She knew what she wanted to accomplished and put everything she had into it. She did not allow her fears to stand in her way or achieving gold. So proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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