Sunday, July 15, 2012

A little Cuban and a lot of suits

We are currently t-minus 28 days until Erick starts Law School.

This means books have been ordered and school supplies will be purchased soon enough.  But what would a lawyer be without a good suit? A lawyer in casual attire but Erick wont have that.

After work on Friday, we headed over to Macy’s for their suit sale. According to Erick this occurs only every 3 months and it was a priority we headed over right after work because by Saturday morning, all the good suits would be gone( btw, the bit about all the suits being gone by Saturday were lies, because we also went on Saturday and they were all still there)

While he was on the search for his feature “I’m a serious law student” look, I was trying on men’s suit jackets and got a new perspective of what my life would be like if I had to wear suits every day to work. I think I look like one of those bank tellers on tv- a whole lot of boring and not a lot of sass.

After almost 4 hours, we decided to call it a day because we were hungry. We ended up going to some Thai place on 107th and 7th but it wasn’t anything out of the world and definitely nothing I would blog about.

Saturday, we invited Erick’s parents, especially his dad to tag along with us and search for the “I am a serious law student” look. There are a few things Erick does not take my advice on: shoes and dress attire. After all I am a woman and to me all men’s dress shoes look the same and how much suit shopping can a girl really take? For some insight, I actually don’t like going shopping for myself either, I much rather go to a bookstore or a home goods store.

After two hours at one mall, we left and went to the Macy’s we visited on Friday night. Erick ended up buying the suit I told him and all is well. The boy looks amazing in a suit, very dapper if I might say so myself!

I had to force him to let me take a picture

this is his "enough pictures sofia" look

A candid shot of Erick trying on jackets

another candid shot

dont i look all professional?

After all the suit shopping, we were hungry and just in case Erick doesn’t get enough Cuban food at home, we ate Cuban food at a local restaurant. I wasn’t very hungry and opted for a Caldo Galleo which is just fancy talk for a soup with white beans and bacon pieces from Spain. My dad makes this at home during the colder months.

Erick’s parents got the same main dish but with different sides- masitas de Puerco or little pieces of pork. I’ve seen this prepared a few times at my house. You normally cut the pork into chucks and season them really well, you fry them for a while until a good crust is formed, then you place them in the oven to continue to cook until they are succulent and moist in the inside and crispy on the outside.

Erick is a sandwich man! It seems he never gets tired of eating a sandwich even after he eats one every single day for lunch at work.  He ordered something called a Calle Ocho(8th street) and it was layers upon layers of ham, and other meats topped with Swiss cheese, loads of mayo, tomatoes and bacon! Everything was delicious.

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