Monday, July 23, 2012

Have you ever made brownies in a cup?

Until this past Saturday night, either had I!
Well, to be honest, Erick was the one that made them so I guess I still haven’t made brownies in a cup.  Date night Fridays lead to Stay in Saturdays. You see, when you are a poor graduate/law students, you can only afford to really go out once a weekend and then you are forced to come up with creative ideas to entertain yourself with for the rest of the time.  

Stay in Saturday’s movie night must include bad for you food. This includes but is not limited to fast food, ice cream, chips or in this case brownie in a cup.

We followed these simple instructions that provided step by step pictures to prevent any mix ups. Not really a brownie texture but if you are in a pinch and in desperate need for a brownie fix, then this brownie in a cup is perfect for you.

Our brownie in a cup was not as fluffy as the one in the instructional picture. I must say that 1/4 of a cup of sugar was too much for my taste. Next time I would use only one table spoon of sugar if any at all. The consistency of the brownie was a bit thick, it reminded me of the times I took a batch of brownies out of the oven too early and didn't wait long enough for the batch to cool off before eating them. The brownie in a cup did get a whole lot better after you allowed it to cool completely.

Definitely a recipe to keep in the back burner and give it another shot!

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