Thursday, July 5, 2012

Key West part 2

Day 2-4 were filled with plenty of time spent by the water, sun, tropical drinks and of course friends!

The third day of our vacation had to be my favorite.
We started the day at a French restaurant that had the best crepe’s with butter and sugar. I always end up getting eggs benedict if we go out for breakfast. I am a huge fan of eggs and salty meat products covered in warm hollandaise sauce. It’s the perfect mixture of salty and creamy and the toasted bread is always a plus. It’s interesting to see the different ways it is prepared depending on the restaurant. I once had eggs benedict with salami on rye bread. Erick had never tried French food, especially since he isn’t a huge fan of the French. He actually calls French fries ‘freedom fries’ when he is trying to be cheeky.

We found the most relaxing beach on the third day and couldn’t stray away from it.  

After spending all day in the sun and water, we got dressed and headed out with friends for a night on Duval Street. It was so much fun, I can’t wait for another vacation.

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