Monday, July 23, 2012

a little bit of wine

A thirty minute drive from my house and you suddenly feel like you have left Miami. The Redlands have the ability to make you feel as if you left civilization behind, not another person in sight for miles and nothing surrounding you but native plant nurseries and darkness.

About 15 miles later, we arrived at our date night location: Schnebly Redland's Winery. Who knew that you could make wine from avocados, lychee, mangos and guava? With our Groupon in tow, we embarked in the ultimate tasting which included a choice of five different types of Schnebly wine. A wine glass that is specifically designed to enhance the flavors and aromas of the wine you’re drinking. An additional perk, you get to keep your wine glass and if you bring it back your wine tasting is half off.

The company also offers tours of the winery on the weekend that take about 30-40 minutes where the winery provides you a brief history of the winery and takes you through the whole wine making process.  

The location has the most beautiful entrance you could imagine. It reminded me of the trip my family took to Sonoma in California a few years back. A little, tiny, almost none existing piece of wine country in our own backyard.

the winery entrance

Once you have paid your entrance fee, you are welcomed into the grand tiki, a large open space that is filled with delightful twinkly lights and evokes a romantic weekend trip to the Florida Keys.

the grand tiki room

The tasting room is opposite the grand tiki. It was full of people talking about wine, tasting wine, buying wine and thinking nonstop of wine. If you like wine, this is the place for you, especially if you are willing to try a new flavor or two. You are able to select the top 5 wines you are willing to taste( Erick and I selected the same wines based solely on their names and the fruits we actually like to eat)  and then allow the sommelier or wine steward, who is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, lead you down a new wine adventure.

the tasting room

After our ultimate tasting adventure, we selected their most popular and delicious wine to purchase for the evening: lychee. A wine whose character is described as a sweet full-bodied wine with gewurztraminer characteristics and Riesling notes. It's all-natural sugar exhibits a bracing fresh finish the delicate white flesh emits exotic floral and fruit aromas, with a hint of honey, citrus pear and of course lychee.

tasting some wine

After we selected our wine, we realized one non-crucial yet important tidbit: you are able to bring in your own food into the winery. The whole point is that you buy the wine from the winery and enjoy your own food as you watch the live entertainment. If you were oblivious to this little tidbit before arriving at the winery like we were, an array of cheese platters, crackers, hummus, salami and much more are available for purchase.

 We of course ended up purchasing cheeseburgers from their grill. Unfortunately, my hunger was not quenched so I made my way back to the tasting room and purchased a snack tray of cheeses, crackers and ham. It definitely hit the spot and Erick and I were able to munch on it for a good hour or so, or at least until the wine was over.  

pardon my lack of ability to open my eyes, bright camera flash's have the effect of me

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