Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A change of heart

Week 1

S: 2 mile easy run
M: no exercise for the studious
T: 2 mile easy run
W: 2.5 mile run- longest distance to date until yesterday!!
Th: family dinner
F: 2 mile difficult and strenuous run
S: no exercise for the studious

Total = 8.55 miles

I didn't follow week 1 training plan to the tee and yet I don't feel guilty at all. I always aim for progress not perfection, and last week i progressed to running almost three miles without dying, puking or faintingJ

I genuinely feel that as a novice runner I have to be honest with myself regarding my ability to keep pushing my distances, pace and patience’s. Running is hard, it doesn't come easy to me but the best thing i can do to be successful is recognize the difficulty of the sport and keep pushing my limits without dying. After all, not dying is important.

This week, my goals are to push a little hard, and run a lot stronger. 

If you are wondering about the change of heart in the title, wonder no more. When I first decided that I was going to be an active individual who doesn’t run out of breath every time she takes the stairs to her car, the Miami Beach Halloween Half Marathon sounded like a blast. Dressing up as ‘Where is Waldo(a)’ was the perfect fit in the mist of over 500 individuals running side by side. Then, last week when I was speaking a friend about the course I realized that I would be running on a bridge and well, to be honest, it doesn’t sound too appealing and sort of crazy since that’s a lot of people for such a tiny bridge. Plus, did I ever mention how clumsy I am? Sadly, I no longer felt it was a good fit L

So this is where the change of heart came in. I went with my second choice of race for the fall, the Latin Music Half Marathon which is part of the Rock and Roll Marathon series.  No bridge= no Sofia falling over! The race will be on Sunday, November 18th. The weather will be cooler and the change of race gives me a few more weeks to train and find inner strength.

And that’s not even the best part. I found out my grandmother will be flying in from outside the country for the holidays and arrives 3 days before the half marathon. It was definitely a sign if you ask me. My grandmother is my favorite person in the whole wide world and the idea that she will be here alongside me for that date is simply amazing.

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