Thursday, July 19, 2012

3 Things I find difficult about running lately

IPod/IPhone holders  

The idea of running with just my thoughts freak my out.

I start psyching myself out on whether or not ill be able to achieve my goals and then I sort of start talking to myself in my head and the conversations often get pretty weird.  Music, especially loud Hispanicy music normally gives me a kick of energy and motivation. I can always tell myself, just one more song, run for one more song and then we can evaluate the length of this job again.

However, running with an IPhone does present one giant annoyingly hot problem. The IPhone/IPod cases drive me crazy.

At first I didn’t mind but running at 9pm means that Miami is still at 80 something degrees. I know it would be worst if the sun was out but the constant heat and pressure on my arm drives me bonkers. Last night I felt like I was having someone grab my harm really really hard. I always make the conscious effort to leave it extremely loose but the heat that the IPhone gives off is also really irritating.

Does anyone have any recommendation? I think on my next run I’ll go music free until I figure something out or maybe cut a whole on the shirt and clip the IPhone case on there!

Stomach cramping up

Lately, my body has decided that around mile marker 2 it welcomes any and all heat cramps. They suck! If you aren’t well versed in the world of heat cramps and Miami heat, the Mayo Clinic provided the following information:

Heat cramps are painful, involuntary muscle spasms that usually occur during heavy exercise in hot environments. The spasms may be more intense and more prolonged than are typical nighttime leg cramps. Inadequate fluid intake often contributes to heat cramps.

Muscles most often affected include those of your calves, arms, abdominal wall and back, although heat cramps may involve any muscle group involved in exercise.

If you suspect heat cramps

·         Rest briefly and cool down

·         Drink clear juice or an electrolyte-containing sports drink

·         Practice gentle, range-of-motion stretching and gentle massage of the affected muscle group

·         Don't resume strenuous activity for several hours or longer after heat cramps go away

·         Call your doctor if your cramps don't go away within one hour or so

The strange this is, I normally drink a lot of water. I really do mean a lot. While I am at work I drink at least a cup every hour, and at home I have a giant water container Erick bought for me at a Marlins game that holds 4 cups of water at a time. Maybe the team is too much.

This is how I look when my heat cramps start acting up, you know, except i have brown hair and i look more disheveled.


Miami Heat/Red Face

in an effort not to die in the Miami sun, I tend to run late at night. This freaks some people out and others(Erick) find it weird. However, I do have my reasons for the late runs. 1) no one is out at that time in my neighborhood, which implies some peaceful running. 2) the mosquito's die out after the sun goes down, so I can run without having all my blood sucked out! And last but not least 3) I like running in the dark. It gives me the opportunity to fib to myself and pretend I got up really early to run. Silly I know but it works. I normally get home and relax with my family and then I go running. Once I come back, I am full of energy and can get studying done!

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