Monday, June 18, 2012

The weekender

This past Saturday was pretty awesome.

Erick and I woke up early and decided that since the weather turned for the positive that we should spend the day outside and go to the Everglades National Park down by Homestead.

Funny tidbit: Erick actually owns an annual park pass to the Everglades! J

We started off at the Ernest F. Coe visitor center which happens to be the park headquarters. The center has a beautiful man made lake that surrounds it. There are plenty of touristy information exhibits inside the center that show you what type of animals call the Everglades their home.    

Two or four short miles later we were at Royal Palm which is made up of two trails: the Anhinga Trail (.8 miles) and the Gumbo Limbo Trail (.8 miles)

The Anhinga trail was beautiful.

It’s a trail that is elevated over water so you have total access of as far as the eyes can see.

The Gumbo Limbo Trail seemed to be a pretty great idea until we actually started walking.  It was mosquito hell. After taking our first picture we were covered from head to toe in mosquito's even though we had used a deep wood mosquito repellent. In all fairness, the park had informed all visitors of the high levels of the pesky bugs at the entrance, but we had no idea it was going to be that bad.  

We were forced to run the whole trail pretty fast in order to survive. Although the sound of a mosquito by my ear drives me up a tree.. .no pun intended.. . it was fun to run through the trail and force myself on a new type of terrain.

We made it out of there in no time and then the skies turned gray so we decided to go eat instead.

A few miles out of the park there is a cute little store called Robert Is Here that had the most beautiful sunflowers so it immediately caught my attention and I knew that on the way out we had to stop!

It seems that Robert Is Here is very well known for their unique combination of tropical fruits in a milkshake!

I ended up ordering a Strawberry Passion(passion fruit) while Erick had the Strawberry Banana.  Unfortunately, Erick doesn’t eat too many sweets and after two sips he called it quits on his milkshake. Good thing my brother is a garbage compactor and can eat anything and stay thin. I thought my shake was a good mixture of sweetness and tart while still being creaming and rich from the vanilla ice cream.

While we waited for our shakes we walked around the store. It had everything imaginable from fresh fruit and produce to a petting animal farm in the back.  We were able to see goats, wild turkeys and even an ostrich – which I thought was very unique.

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