Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sluggish Thursday

I have been feeling really sluggish this week. It sucks when you have no energy because everything seems to drag on- school, work, attempting to run and life in general.

I don’t know if it’s my body trying to recover from doing some sort of exercise since it was accustomed to sitting on a couch, or if taking back to back classes on Monday and working orientation a few times a week is finally taking its toll on me. Either way I have to do something, if not, pretty soon I’ll be falling asleep at the office and I’m sure that they won’t appreciate that at all.

Yesterday’s run was slow, very slow and forced. My calf’s were very tight and after almost a mile of running (my personal best! I normally run half a mile walk a little and then start all over until I’m satisfied) I had to stop and stretch out my right calf muscle. Of course while doing this; my mind got the best of me. If I can’t even run one mile without stopping or having a muscle hurt, how on earth was I supposed to run 13.1 miles in 20 weeks?

I know I was psyching myself out even before the race started but it’s a fair and honest question. I never expected it to be easy, I even admitted that publicly in one of the first posts on the blog, but I’m having some serious doubt in my abilities.

After finishing my sluggish trot and cooling down I spent some time on Pinterest and found some inspiration.

Isn’t it funny but at the same time true!

If he can do it so can I! or at least I will try.

I think that sometimes when we are doing new things or take on challenges that are bigger than we expected we wait until the first hurdle appears and then use it as an excuse not to continue. The fear of publicly failing or personal defeat is sometimes greater than the desire to success. After all how can you fail if you don’t attempt it?

I don’t want this or any other hurdle to be my excuse.

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