Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pots and pans

Whenever we meet up with friends to watch the game at a bar or a restaurant, we always end up ordering nachos. So why not do the same when we are watching a game at home, right?

When we first attempted to make this dish a few weeks ago we added all the ingredients at the same and although it was very tasty, it was also very messy. So this time ensuring that every bite had all of our toppings- boy do we love toppings, we layered everything.
Since nachos aren’t exactly the healthiest of bar foods, I made sure we had an abundance of yummy toppings to make up for all the cheese and sour cream we were going to add. I cut up two large onions and tomatoes and added a whole can of black olives which I cut in half. A few jalapenos went on top too with a few dashes of paprika. I’ve noticed that at restaurants they always add paprika and it gives it a subtle smoky flavor. Erick wanted to use two bags of Tostito Scoops but since it was just us two, we only used one. The proportions we used were enough for at least 6 people(he might disagree with that number) but it was delicious.

yummy nachos for the game

The game was amazing and the Heat obviously dominated and beat out the Celtics to be named the East Conference Champs. After the game, we went out to bird and joined what seemed to be every single Heat fan in Miami as we celebrated another win.

When Erick told me about going, I wasn’t too sold on the idea. But boy am I glad I went with him. It was very interesting to see so many people come out and celebrate their home team’s victory. Everyone was in their cars honking away at each other and even the new channels came out to watch and support. It might be a Miami thing, but people brought out their pots and pans to make noise for hours.  

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