Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mini goals :)

Last night I achieve my mini goal of running a whole mile without stopping :)

I know for most runners out there that isn’t a big achievement, but for this gal, it’s a good mini goal achieved!  Woohoo!!
I hope I can keep it up this week and maybe by next Monday I would be able to run 2 miles without stopping.

I was so excited about my mini achievement that I celebrated by making myself a huge vanilla protein smoothie with mango’s. Mango season is in full force and there are mangos all over my neighborhood.

Its even gotten to the point that the neighborhood partners up with local grocery stores to provide them with mangos to sell. They leave two or three large buckets a few times a week and as the mango’s become perfectly ripen and sweet, you place them in the bucket and they pick them up. I know they offer some form of monetary payment but I’m unsure how much.  

After I finished my large smoothie, I baked some brownies for the Heat game. I’m not a huge fan of basketball but watching the 2012 NBA Finals has been pretty interesting and exciting. I thought the Heat were playing kinda sluggish yesterday but towards the fourth quarter they kicked some serious butt! They took the lead and are now 3-1, which means that tomorrow’s game might pronounced them 2012 NBA Champs!  

Heat 3-1

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