Monday, June 25, 2012

Lazy rainy nights

Growing up in South Florida, it always made me wonder why anyone would want to vacation here during the summer months. It’s hot, humid and it rains for days.  I remember reading about the Everglades when we went to visit a few weeks back and the described the weather/climate in  South Florida as ‘ we only have two seasons: wet and dry’. It really does summarize our weather patterns here!

This weekend was no different.  So with the gloom and doom happening outside, it became a weekend full of movie watching and Olympic trials experiencing. Snacks were included.


It was still raining when I got to Erick’s house after work on Friday, so I wasn’t in the mood to run. He has a treadmill in back of his house but the idea of running and getting my feet wet, wasn’t necessarily a welcoming invitation.

We ended up relaxing the whole night and watched The Rum Diaries with Johnny Depp. I still don’t have a very good idea of what the movie was about but it was strange.

After the movie, we I focused on the Olympic trials. I love the Olympics and watching those individuals pushing it as far as they possibly can in order to reach a goal is pretty amazing.  The men and women’s 10,000k left me speechless and that doesn’t happen frequently. Its 25 laps around the track and in order to qualify they had to make it within 27 minutes. The top three men did it at 60-66 seconds a lap and didn’t flinch. They were so concentrated and driven. One thing I noticed that I didn’t expect was that when they finished the race, they stopped. There wasn’t any walking period to cool down or anything, they just simply stopped and celebrated. I am most definitely not a professional athlete but I would think that after running 6 miles in less than 30 minutes that you would want to stretch a little or cool down. I guess it’s all those endorphins or it just might be that that’s the way things are done!


I spent more time watching the Olympic trials and wishing I was that kick ass at anything in life. After a quick breakfast at noon, we went around town and did a couple errands and some shopping before we made it to redbox for our movie selections of the night. Erick’s choice: Our Idiot Brother, My choice: In time.  My movie selection was much much better than his. For some reason we thought ‘our idiot brother’ would be a comedy but I’m pretty sure it was an indie film. The redbox by erick’s house wasn’t well stocked, we originally wanted to watch Contraband and footloose(for me).

BTW still no running. Mostly because I was feeling lazy and then it was still raining outside so I took it as an excuse to be lazy.


Woohoo no rain but there was also no sun. But I will take it!

My dad always complains( to my mother, the man has yet to bring this to my attention) that we never spend enough time together. The real reason why we don’t, is because I am not a boy and lets face it folks, there is only so many times I can go to the neighborhood pool supply store and pretend to be entertained by what my dad think’s is interesting. In order to put some effort into the matter, I got the whole family tickets to the Marlin’s game. Of course the Marlins played on Father’s day, unfortunately it was in Tampa, so my gift has to wait a week.

It was the first time any of them had been the stadium. I must admit I much rather watch a baseball game any day of the week over basketball. The Marlin’s played really well and even won the game 9-0. They hit two homeruns and this time, I was able to see the tacky fish thingy light up.

Still no running :S

I know, I know, it was a bad decision but the laziness was still there and I had a lot of things to do around the house; laundry, bathroom cleaning, prepping for the week and lots and lots of homework.

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