Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Graduate

Last night was quite exciting; Luis looked dashing in his cap and gown!

Yesterday was also exactly 5 years since I graduated from high school. It was a nice walk through my mental memory lane, remembering my graduation and the four years I spent learning things the hard way.

As I promised, I have plenty of pictures to share. I decided to only leave you guys with the very best instead of uploading almost 100 pictures from last night.

luis shaking some pretty important people's hands

the family

congrats class of 2012

After graduation, I proudly gave Luis his card and gift. I'd like to think he was beyond ecstatic for my gift and appreciated how thoughtful it was but because he wants to be a tough boy he just kept it all in side. After finishing his late dinner(after all graduations do take forever) he gave me a hug and a thank you. What else can a girl ask for, right?

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