Friday, June 8, 2012

Going to the races

I did it, I finally signed up for a half marathon!

For the past couple of years, when New Year’s resolution time came around, running or at least attempting a half marathon would always make its way into my list.  

But by the time school starts in January the excuses start following: too much homework, it’s too hot, and my favorite sad excuse of all times, I can’t run. But not this year! I decided to push aside all my fears and concerns about attempting this feat and go for it.

After reading the newbie runners tab on the active website, I found the motivation I was looking for. They even had a list of events near me. Since I’m neither an avid runner nor a great runner (at least not yet, but I’m working on it!) I decided that a longer training session might be what I was looking for. This way, I have more time to learn what works best for me and I get to do it at my own pace.

If I’m going to commit to participating in a marathon might as well look forward to the race, right? The Miami Beach Halloween Half Marathon looks like a blast. Everyone is wearing a costume and since it is scheduled for the last weekend in October the weather in Miami won’t be that bad (hot). Plus October is my favorite month.

Here are a few pictures from last year's race.

2011 finisher medal, it even glows in the dark! awesome

the costumes get pretty crazy

Running is hard for me. Actually, running is extremely hard for me. I am easily out of breath and my body starts to hurt. It’s not something I was gifted with as a child.

In order to be able to train, I had to face a few realities.
  1.  I'm not going to set any type of record, I'm simply going to do my very best and learn a few things on the way.
  2. It will be very hard
  3. It will be very hot
  4. And my training plan will be one day at a time and a slow increment which hopefully will celebrate my modest triumph- like running a solid mile without dying in the Miami summer heat.

A training plan for me

Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Guide - Novice 1 Program which can be found here sounded promising if you could run 3 miles on your first day of training. A task I cannot. So I went ahead and altered it to meet my needs. For the first two weeks, in order to build up my endurance and push my idle body, ill attempt to run/walk 2 miles instead of 3. I will still keep Saturday for my long runs. I’ll add one more mile to Saturday’s run than I was able to accomplish during the week. So if I run 2 miles during the week, I’ll run 3 on Saturday. Pretty simple, right? For my sake, I hope so.   

Wish me luck!

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