Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coffee date

Yesterday after work, I was feeling a tad bit gloomy.

Earlier in the day I had confirmed a coffee date with a friend and since hate when other people cancel dates last minute, I sucked it up and drove to Starbucks to meet up with her.  

Mariana is actually my teaching assistant during the school year at the Catholic Church we attend. We are both volunteers for the religious education program they offer to children ages 5 to 18. She is also the little cousin of one of my childhood friends so I have known her pretty much my whole life. I actually spend a year of my life trying to convince my brother to ask her out on a date- no luck there btw  L.

Mariana will be graduating next year from high school and is already freaking out about college and how to apply. Since I work at a public university, she wanted me two cents on the situation and since I am new to running, I used the opportunity to gain some knowledge from her. Mariana used to run track and field as well as cross country for her high school.

Even though I wasn’t really up for it, it ended up being a relaxing night. I guess talking to someone who has no idea about you adult problems is a good distraction. When you are that young and happy, almost nothing ruins your day!

When I got home, I watched the Dream Team special on FoxSports which celebrates the 1992 USA Olympic team. It was pretty great and I would definitely recommend to anyone even if they aren’t basketball fans(like me).

Unlike basketball, I am a huge fan of the Olympics and even watch the Olympic trials at 11pm every night for the USA team. Pretty exciting stuff!!! Last night it was the men’s and women’s diving trials and I loved it!

the Olympics follows me to the grocery store!!

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