Sunday, June 10, 2012

Closet makeover

The boyfriend is starting laws school at FIU this fall semester and is beyond excited to make over his bedroom closet and make it into the perfect study oasis/hide out. Erick has always had a knack of school, he's kinda of a nerd. I don't just mean that he does well from time to time and likes going to school. I really do mean her is a nerd, he graduated high school and college with a whopping perfect 4.0 GPA, but you'll never hear that from him. H is way too modest and never lets people know of his academic achievements. Good thing he has me in his life to boast about everything awesome he does( wink wink).

Here is a picture of what his closet looked like.

His recent closet makeover obsession started this past Monday and lead to him drawing out a rough sketch of what he wanted to look like on Art, he even went on the Ikea website and put everything he would ever need to pimp out his closet on their checklist. I didn't even know Ike's had that option. I always find myself leaving with way too much stuff, maybe if I had known about their list I would have saved mucho money in the past. But I can't dwel on the past now.
I love Ikea so I was obviously on board when he told me of his plan to visit the store on Saturday.

Our adventure started with a quick stop to McDonald's for their delicious iced coffees and fatty egg sandwiches. Those of you who are healthy enough to not go to McDonald's ever, I applaud you, unfortunately I am too weak. After a 40ish minute drive, we arrive at the adult Disney land also known as the only Ikea in South Florida. I don't count the one in Orlando because technically that's Central Florida.

Here is a quick glimpse at what we bought. we only strayed away from the list a few times, I had to buy some stuff for my mother and Erick wanted a salad bowl.

the goods before we purchased them

making the line to pay
The best part of going to Ikea isn't the things you could buy to organize your life away. The best part is the little food section they have at the end of the store, the one that's right by the exit door. I'm pretty sure the marketing gods decided to do this on purpose so that small children and foodies are forced to stop by on their way out of the stored. 

On our breakfast trip to McDonald's Erick had asked me if I wanted a fruit parfait. I  too eagerly said no thank you. The reason of course was because I wanted an Ikea Frozen Non Fat Yogurt on my way out of the store. It was perfectly not too sweet and cold and it didn't melt too fast either. Half way through his yogurt, Erick got bored and offered me the rest, I of course accepted and enjoyed his too. I'm certain he just gave me his yogurt because he knew that deep down I was too ashamed to order another.

Here is a picture of me enjoying my first yogurt.

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