Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bark at the park

Before the Marlins Park opened this year, I had debated getting Erick and I season tickets. But since we aren’t that avid of baseball fans, I opted for the notion of going once in a while, especially since I was going back to school this year and wasn’t sure how much time it would take out of our schedule.
So far this season, I hadn’t been to the new stadium so I was really excited to have tickets for today’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays- another Florida team. They don’t normally play against each other unless it’s a special event since they are part of different leagues.

If playing the Tampa Bay Rays wasn’t special enough, today’s game had many other special guests- dogs!!!! I didn’t bring my dog, Horacio Andrews(yes, he does have a human name), since I wasn’t aware it was a possibility but I did see many other cute furry animals.

The nice lady at the team souvenir stand mentioned that once a month the Marlins host an event called Bark at the Park, where you can come watch game with your dog. They even have a special designated section of the stadium where you and your pet can watch the game together. Erick said that they might do this just in case people have allergies or don’t want to sit by animals. But who wouldn’t want to sit next to a cute dog dressed in a Marlin’s shirt?  

On our way up to our seats we saw the fluffiest dog attempting to make it up to the high level along with his owner. Half way up the stadium, he gave up and she had to carry him. I wasn’t too slick about taking the picture but I'm sure the poor dog was grateful to have his owner carry him up the rest of the way.

one tired little pup that needed help getting to his seat

the amazing view form  our seats!

the outside of the new stadium

After the game, we were pretty hungry and decided to go to Sir Pizza on the way to the house. We ordered a chicken bacon ranch pizza and a salad. We were the only ones at the restaurant and it was nice to sit and eat without people around us.

Pretty great Sunday!

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