Tuesday, June 19, 2012

After reading so many articles and blogs about running and training you start to get the idea in your head that you can hit the ground running.

The problem with this is, that unless you have been blessed with an innate ability to run like the wind or be able to pick up a sport rather easily, you will not hit the ground running. Especially not with running!!

I’ve been following the novice training plan I found online and was able to modify it to my needs. Since I know I have 20ish weeks until the half marathon and most plans are 15 weeks long, I decided to repeat weeks 1-5 until I was running what the plan recommended (remember that I am not a talented runner, at all, so reaching the suggested weekly mile total is in itself a challenge worth surpassing.

Monday:  No running since I have school until late
Tuesday:  2.25 miles
Wednesday:  1.83 miles
Thursday:   1.95 miles
Friday: 1 .94 miles
Saturday:   2 miles, 2 miles walking

Total miles: 10 miles

Not bad if you ask me!

Goal for the week:  reduce the amount of time I have to walk while out on a run. Right now I am able to run ¾ of a mile before I have to stop and walk a little( I then repeat the process).

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